Ps3 froze while updating

I thought ok ill do that later and turned it off properly.when I went back and turned it on it has came up with the wavy lines again so I tried holding in the power button for the 2 beeps but it beeped 3 times and wont let me do anything, any suggestions?michelle I tried mine in safe mode but it keeps taking me to the initial screen which asks me to input storage media with updat v 3.15 and aftter updating it comes back to the same page...Restore Default Settings Restore File System Rebuild Data Base Restore PS3 System but in rebuild data base, it says hard disk cannot be accessed... I am having this problem also, have you found the solution yet?Canceled and deleted the file, tried to install again.Had about 5 seconds left on the ETA when it stopped progressing.It happened the day after I did the newest update . When I did the update it said something may not work anymore but I did t think it had anything to do with me . :) but lost all my contacts:( be rite newayz Allow the machine plenty of time to load, sometimes it will take a while and pause at a certain percentage.

So I followed Chants Cookie Monsters instructions, it did the default systems didn't work, then did the file systems, and now it is good.It just wont boot up and when I go to the recovery screen it says HDD cannot be accessed, but I know it's good it works fine in the other PS3, what is going wrong? I did not want to wait for my husband to return from a 8 month deployment to fix it so I goggled and foudn this!You totally found the trick and I just wanted you to know you saved us big times!!!!!! Thanks a million, Jenny All I did was take the game out turn the ps3 off and took out the hard drive then I turn the ps3 on with out the hard drive and it could not locate it then I held the power button down for 10 seconds the I reinserted the hard drive and turn the ps3 bak on and IT WORKED!!!!!Anyways, hard reset by holding down the top button on the machine itself, tried a few times to no avail, let it sit for another twenty minutes, agonizing and having a mini-panic attack as I imagined all the scenarios in which whatever guy I'd end up talking to on phone support could be useless and unhelpful.Anyways, got the thing to turn on and noticed there was an update ready, but an error caused it to not download.

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