Problems updating ipod to 4 2

But then a few years later, the i Pod changed everything. And now though I can’t go anywhere without my i Phone 4, the i Pod Classic still remains my favorite and most used MP3 player.In my humble opinion, Apple should maintain and continually update the Classic until it can replace it with something even better.The i Pod Classic is also one of three external drives on which I back up my entire music library and family photos.Even ’til this day I’m amazed that I can fit all my music on one device.

But since the advent and popularity of the i Phone, Apple has largely abandoned the i Pod Classic.I recently purchased the latest model of the Classic because my 5th Generation i Pod was damaged.As much as I tried using the Music app on my i Phone, all the tapping and the meager storage space of the i Device just doesn’t serve up the music experience of the Classic.Back in its heyday, the original i Pod and its six generations that followed made Apple the coolest, hippest, and most forward thinking tech company on the planet.“” entered the American cultural lexicon because it meant that for the first time in history, music lovers could have most, if not all, of their music library on a single, thin 3×5 portable device.

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Even better, unlike Red Sn0w, you won’t need to have your 42b3 SHSH blobs saved in order for Green Pois0n to work.

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