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While many RPGs contain relationship mechanics by which you can romance NPCs, it’s always a side quest. You’ll have conversations where the answers will cause each princess to like you more or less, and you’ll do little jobs to make each happy.

Most of the game’s puzzles have multiple options and depending on how you decide to solve a puzzle you may impress one princess or the other.

Read reviews of all the The difficult puzzles from previous episodes are missing entirely from this one.

This can be a good or bad thing depending upon perspective.

This is unfortunate, as the puzzles have been the thing that separates Sierra from Telltale, much as they separated Sierra from Lucas Arts back in the heyday of adventure games.

Vee and Neese, the two princesses, are both entertaining characters in their own right so you may have trouble being forced to chose between them.

It’s up to Graham to help them, while figuring out which of these ladies may be his true love.

What follows can only be accurately described as the first western dating sim I’ve ever played.

It’s unlikely this will have a significant impact on the larger story, but who knows.

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