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Unlike other camps, our campers haven't known each other since they were 8 years old. We don’t have to cater to “little kids” and teenagers in one program, so all our classes are challenging and fun for teens. By creating a space that celebrates the individual, in which every individual feels safe, all our campers are free to be their best selves.MTC provides a space for adolescents to tell their own stories, and learn more about who they are and what interests them. For campers who want to play competitive team or individual sports, they will find plenty of competition.hopped in a car, and really embraced the return of fabric between our thighs as we set out on the first annual official YSF Fall Roadtrip.So hike up your Lululemon yoga pants, throw on your boyfriend's of-the-moment oversized college sweatshirt, and chug a Pumpkin Spice Choco-Chai to reach full basic potential, then read on to learn our top 5 tips for a chic fall excursion.Teenagers NEED a break from the school year, not more of the same.We provide the supervision, 3:1 staffing ratio, and stability that only summer camp can provide. The counselors, they always are the best and make it a great FUN time, mixed with feeling good about herself and COMFORTABLE to be yourself and silly.MTC provides a welcome respite for teens from the stresses of the school year.In addition to being device free, campers enjoy access to nature, plenty of activity, good food, an appropriate sleep schedule, ample free time, the friendship of great teens and guidance of caring staff.

To answer the key question of adolescence - Who am I?Secondly, the sweet ladies at the front desk would not accept that any of us were over the age of 21 (In an ironic twist, Liza celebrates the end of her youth today as she turns 28)!Disregarding the fact that photos are strictly forbidden on the Sun Aura property grounds, we asked one of the front desk ladies to be our stand-in photographer for the Leg Sundial, a famous roadside landmark.Maine Teen Camp is uniquely situated, bordered by two lakes, nestled into some of Southern Maine's most scenic hills.A true camp setting, a space apart from the real world, a summer camp for teens.

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Call today 1800-752-CAMP Maine Teen Camp offers over 35 different activities in a fully elective format - rock music, tennis, waterskiing, cooking, community service and so much more.

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