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Some call him a hero for the injuries he sustained under torture, yet he would sit down and talk with those who would harm us.

His tax plan amounts to making the rich poor and poor rich - Jesus Christ, not the change we want! Imagemovers Starts "Dark Life" for Disney Robert Zemeckis, who was one of the "Dirty Dozen" cabal of filmmakers at USC including Walter Murch and George Lucas, is keeping his team in the game despite Imagemovers's closure by Disney last month (see CS Apr10).

Lucas Expert at Extending "Star Wars" Variety has announced Lucasfilm Animation is working on a Star Wars animated comedy series.

The Daily Show's Brendan Hay and Robot Chicken's Seth Green and Matthew Seinreich, will be among the writers.

Even the rather long name of the protagonist stuck with me through the years: Tobias Schneebaum.

Apparently, he was a New York artist who had gone down to Peru and moved in with a ‘primitive” tribe.

However, after creating overly expensive CG products that were not super profitable, they suddenly see the wisdom of returning to less expensive, Selick-style stop-motion or to hand-drawn animation - a historically rare case of technological de-evolution.Disney/Pixar Sign Selick Contract Variety announced no details except that the renown animator Henry Selick will work out of Pixar (he is still commuting from Portland but plans to move back soon) and that Henry's stop-motion work could be based on either his own ideas or adaptations.They also said, "Selick hopes to benefit from the Pixar brain trust and technology, but will continue to produce 'toons using his trademark stop-motion style." Selick directed both "The Nightmare Before Christmas" and "James and the Giant Peach" for Disney.The Wall Street Journal calls him "The undisputed guru of the form." He has received the Robert F. Syndicated weekly to numerous Websites run by newspapers and other organizations, his work is seen regularly by millions of people. Whatever upsets him the most generally becomes the subject/butt of his next cartoon.With excellent voice work, music, and animation, Fiore's cartoons are extremely well produced. Indeed, he dares to make fun of any subject that interests him.

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