Police intimidating nato

The other actions included conducting attacks on several targets including Chicago’s 9th district police station, the Campaign Headquarters of U. President Barack Obama, the personal residence of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, and certain downtown financial institutions.

They were surrounded by police and they were questioned for a very long period of time about what they were doing in Chicago, why they were here to protest, what their political affiliations were, how they identified politically—All kinds of absolutely outrageous questions that certainly do not indicate any kind of illegal behavior because it is not constitutional simply to accuse them of a crime because of a political belief.

It is no secret that the FBI repeatedly foils their own terror plots time and time again.

If the governments past history in every similar case is any indicator of the events that occurred in Chicago here is what we can expect to learn in the future: 1) The alleged terror plot was the brainchild of the FBI.

(Before It's News) Law enforcement officials in Chicago admitted today they infiltrated and planted one of their own agents among a ring of activists they accuse of planning to conduct terrorist attacks on the NATO summit in Chicago, according to the Chicago Tribune.

According to official documents, the group was under ‘covert surveillance’ during which an inside operative wearing a recorded three Black Bloc anarchists plotting to conduct terrorist attacks on several targets in Chicago.

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