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The site calls this Only Six Faces, and points out that this can happen very easily in the realms of comic book art and animation. If you’re spending a lot of time drawing, you need to be efficient and you cultivate certain habits.

Also, there’s a pretty specific, if unwritten, set of rules that define an attractive female character.

Up until this point, if I wanted to use portable tools, I was stuck using pencil and paper or pens.

Of course, if I was taking a life drawing class or sitting in a cafe, my first choice would be my trusty sketchbook.

More This girl is a slight departure from my usual drawing style.

It’s slightly more realistic in rendering the face, for example.

VERY busy so I like to make the most of my free time. I'm just here to meet new people I probably wouldn't normally meet, so let's just keep it fun right?

More While I was happily creating this image, I was too caught up in the flow of the creative process to notice something. It wasn’t until I stepped back, after showing it to a colleague, that I saw three colossal mistakes that could have been fixed very, very early in the working stages of drawing.But lately, I’ve begun to see the importance of being able to take my digital tools around and be able to work just about anywhere.So after doing the research, reading the reviews, and comparing specs and prices, I went and got Wacom’s “entry” level tablet, the Bamboo Connect.Every now and then, it’s good to experiment with drawing in a different style.In this case, what started as a warm-up sketch turned into an exercise in drawing a pinup girl in shapes, with little to no outlines.

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