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It was Dawson who first contacted Woodward, then keeper of palaeontology at the Museum of Natural History in London, about having found a new human fossil.He wrote that the fossil would “rival” the German fossil jaw belonging , the first early human species to live in colder climates.After Dawson’s death, a second collection of skull fragments and a molar tooth which Dawson had told Smith Woodward originated from a second site—referred to as Piltdown II—were presented to the museum.Very few scientists of the time were allowed to study the “original” fossils and were given plaster cast copies instead.

But, there were faults that negatively impacted the scientific process, still today, which are non-believers, doubters, and now having to go the full extent to prove one's self. John Cooke, 1915.​ Public Domain It is arguably the greatest scientific crime ever committed in Britain. Credit: Portrait of the Piltdown skull being examined.Scientists had become increasingly interested in finding the missing link between humans and apes ever since the publication of Charles Darwin’s “Descent of Man” in 1871.The discovery of Piltdown Man put Great Britain at the forefront of palaeoanthropology by demonstrating that early humans had big brains and apelike jaws.

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