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So this can lead to some odd moments for those who grew up watching certain things go from "absolutely essential" to "taking up space in your basement".

To clarify, an excellent example would be a scene in a 1995 episode of where Chandler gleefully describes all the awesome features of the brand-new laptop that he has received from his company.

have one level of technology, and later installments have more up-to-date technology with little or no Hand Wave at all.

Often turns a work into an Unintentional Period Piece.

A perfect example of this would be once you realize that a power outage likely wouldn't have caused a cell phone's alarm clock to reset like an actual alarm clock would, and in post-9/11 America, the family would have had plenty of time to realize that Kevin was missing due to the before the flight even takes off for international flights, and all passengers should be at the boarding gate at least thirty minutes before departure.

Remember, it took only about 65 years (1903-1969) to go from one rickety plane barely able to get off the ground to putting a man on the MOON!

Can sometimes be a Trope Breaker: A change in cultural context that affects Tropes.

A cousin of sorts to Our Graphics Will Suck in the Future.

Contrast I Want My Jetpack, where the writers The widely available cellphone is a major Trope Breaker, leading to many clumsy explanations for why cell phones don't work in particular circumstances.

And far fewer characters get murdered in a phone booth these days, for instance.

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Even a humble modern hot hatchback may pull stunts which in the past were barely imaginable outside racetracks.

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