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Digital Marketing, also known as digital advertising, allows you to leverage internet technology to deliver promotional materials directly to your target audience.

Digital Marketing includes advertising through email marketing, social media, search engines, banner ads on websites and affiliate programs.

Google uses the same data feed to advertise products in both Search Engine and Google Shopping.

Marketplaces are like big department stores where users can buy all kind of products.

The advantage is that you can target very specifically; you can advertise your products to people with certain demographics (female 30-35 years old in New York state) or specific interests (hobbies, jobs) or lookalike audiences.

Most people are not in the mood for shopping or not searching for your product, but that disadvantage is offset by the fact that you only pay if people click your ad (CPC) and that all other viewers are at least exposed to your brand, even if they are not interested.

Consumers can search for a specific product on a CSE and they can instantly compare prices offered by different merchants.

Selling under Amazon allows merchants to benefit from Amazon's brand awareness and dependability.

The most common form of payment is Cost Per Click (CPC) which means merchants pay for each click to their website. Most people visit your site, check out a product and leave. There are many other networks dedicated to re-targeting, like Criteo and Ad Roll.

Re-targeting networks enable you to show your product ads (especially for the products that they were interested in - maybe even with an additional discount) to these people, on a later date when they are visiting a different website. Retargeting networks charges vary between CPC, CPA or CPM.

In this article I will describe each of them and explain what sets them apart from the merchant’s point of view.

Google and Bing enable merchants to advertise products in their search engine.

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