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(Image courtesy Berndt Offering) Here's the ninth installment in our 12 Days of Celebritology Giftology series, a dozen posts designed to help you cross your celebrity- and pop-culture-obsessed pals off your holiday gift-giving lists. This holiday season, show the celeb worshipper in your life that you acknowledge and support his or her belief in celebrities as higher powers. Careful with the ketchup: Lennon's 'Abbey Road' suit. Today's mission: To surprise the ultimate Beatle fan in your life with primo John Lennon memorabilia. The rest of you lot may want to buy the newly available i Tunes Beatles' catalog for your pals.(AP) Here's the sixth installment in our 12 Days of Celebritology Giftology series, a dozen posts designed to help you cross the celebrity- and pop-culture-obsessed pals off your holiday gift-giving lists. As for the items up for grabs, Braswell Galleries of Norwalk, Conn., will be auctioning off Lennon's two-piece wool-blend "Abbey Road" album cover suit, his "Imagine" video jacket and this 1972 green Chrysler station wagon on New Year's Day: According to the auction site, the station wagon was “used on a cross-country journey...Tom Hooper has just been named best director at the Academy Awards for his work on "The King's Speech." One can't say it was unexpected, since he won the same honor from the Directors Guild of America. Christian Bale is new to this whole Academy Awards process. They're numbers, he was told, so the Oscar press room bosses can decide which reporters to call on. (By the way, when you're in a bar listening to hip-hop, the sight of Jesse Eisenberg in his Zuckerberg-style hoodie looks surprisingly gangsta.) During my time at the party, I learned five extremely important* things, one of which is covered in the video of Shum, Jr. During her acceptance speech, Portman made a point of emphasizing the fact that "Black Swan," which was financed independently before Fox Searchlight signed on to distribute it, qualifies as an indie effort.But many still expected David Fincher to pull it out for "The Social Network" even if the Facebook movie ultimately lost best picture. He made that clear, in most charming fashion, when he entered the press room to undergo the gauntlet of post-Oscar-win questions. "My ballet teachers every day were like, when do we get paid? The Independent Spirit Awards may be thought of as the more laid-back,...Could it be speculation about her engagement ring (it was, in fact, Diana's) or her potential wedding dress? As of early this morning, the searching was mostly banal and somewhat, well, carnal. In the interest of satisfying the Kate curious in one mega-blog post that will undoubtedly blow the top off Google search, Celebritology will list the top Kate Middleton search terms and provide links, photos, answers -- in short, satisfaction.This post is likely to bring the Internet to a grinding halt....

Of course, that includes readers and commenters right here in Celebritology, where expressing outrage over the insouciance of Ms.

If you missed it, here's a clip of Douglas's segment, in which the 94-year-old screen legend gets more laughs in three minutes than James Franco got all night:... Our own Jen Chaney is in the press room and tweeting as this year's Academy Award winners make their way backstage to face the press scrum.

This year's Oscar ceremony was underwhelming in myriad respects. This year's crop of gowns failed to produce even one buzzy fashion trend. Follow her below and send your comments with hashtag #oscarspotting:...

Watch the newly released promo below to get a peek at a drunk (imagine that) Snooki, chick-on-chick fistfights and the newest cast member, Deena Nicole Cortese (who looks like she's going to take on Snooki in the leopard-print mini-dress department): Related: Celebritology Giftology... (The Situation's Facebook page) Here's the fifth installment in our 12 Days of Celebritology Giftology series, a dozen posts designed to help you cross the celebrity- and pop-culture-obsessed pals off your holiday gift-giving lists. Luckily for all of us wanna-bes, the cast of MTV's "Jersey Shore" have been particularly adept at self-marketing since their show took off as one of 2010's biggest hits. Today we kick off a series of posts -- 12 Days of Celebritology Giftology -- written to help you cross the celebrity and pop-culture obsessed pals off your holiday gift-giving lists. As Click Track detailed yesterday, Jay talks about his tete-a-tete with Barack Obama prior to the 2008 presidential election. Wednesday morning, search terms focused on Middleton were among the top 10 Google searches.

For the uninitiated, it's about a bunch of fake-baked club rats who drink, smoosh and fight. What is it people are so desperate to know about Middleton?

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It's so easy to criticize Kim Kardashian's new song "Jam (Turn It Up)." For starters, It's been autotuned so severely that it may have turned Kardashian's actual vocals inside out and back again. For another thing, its lyrics appear to have been penned by a third-grader who is writing a short story about what adults do when they go clubbing.

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