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“The energy you give is the energy you get,” Novak says.“If you’re really looking for love, looking at your core and finding yourself is the first step.” And here’s the other thing: You really never know where you will find your match, so it’s best to open your heart to lots of possibilities.“You won’t get many replies if your list sounds intimidating or you set the bar too high.You’ll only block out a lot of great men who could potentially capture your heart,” she writes.Don’t exchange more than three e-mails before meeting so you don’t build up a false chemistry that disappoints you.Don’t use your real name in a profile or give out any personal information, such as home or work addresses or the names of your kids.

“I think the alternative is like looking for a job sitting at home instead of sending out résumés and going on,” she says.

“Not a big deal,” she says, “but he wasn’t honest.” He also covered up the fact that he has kids and showed up with two wooden crosses around his neck. It’s just unfortunate,” says Natalie, who uses the Internet as her primary way to meet men because she feels too busy with work to go out much.

“You can’t win the lottery unless you buy a ticket.” Except that if you really want to win the lottery, it’s probably best to bet on more than one game.

Patti may mean to avoid these options for a first date from a matchmaker and then I would agree – because you are really on a first date rather than just meeting for the first time.

From the Internet – the first meeting is still part of the screening process.

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