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Upon seeing it, an historian I know noted that it was the only film he could think of in which fascism, was presented not only as a cure for America’s troubles, but as a force of goodness and light working to protect the common man.The film’s message was a popular one upon its initial release, but then that damn Hitler had to come along and ruin everybody’s dream. explains that the justice system is useless and ineffective, and so gives the mobster police authority to kill all the people he would’ve been killing anyway.Although not as ugly as the book it’s based on, things do get pretty nasty, and it’s made clear the rarely-seen VC are nothing more than cruel animals who care nothing about human life.Americans, and specifically the Green Berets (even as they adopt VC tactics), are a beacon of light in the world, warmhearted, almost Christ-like saviors.People sure do love to wave little American flags and chant “U-S-A! Little did he know Stallone was keeping that one in reserve for sequels down the road...I think the reason the mainstream list of the best patriotic movies is so limited can be blamed on those endless unexpected jokes history keeps pulling on us. Griffith’s 1915 epic about the post-Civil War Reconstruction, .

The only film, for all the films he reviews, to come away unscathed is , which he insists is the only accurate portrait of the Vietnam War ever made.

Was Joe Mc Carthy a patriot for trying to defend the democracy against subversive encroaching communism, or a sweaty, paranoid, power-mad psychotic?

Is Edward Snowden a patriot for letting the American people know what their government was up to, or history’s greatest traitor for revealing US intelligence secrets to the whole world? Still, for filmmakers patriotism has always been an easy card to play, and a sure-fire crowd pleaser. Thousands of films have been made over the past century which celebrate American individualism, ingenuity, tenacity, and firepower. But if you look at any major media outlet’s list of top patriotic films (and there are a bunch) you keep finding the same damn titles over and over again: , Richard Schickel quips that at film’s end, he half expected Stallone to wrap himself in an American flag in the middle of the ring.

Now he lives in the desert with his half-tribe learning the ways of the Indian mystics and protecting the students and teachers at a nearby hippie school from assorted evil right-wing assaults.

Over the course of four films, Billy Jack defends hippies, children, Native Americans, horses, and the nation as a whole against outlaw bikers, evil corporations, cops, politicians, and the military.

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