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You got home and stormed pass the living room where alot of the boys sat munching and watching tv.You headed to your room, your heels hitting the floor a little harder than you intended.You lifted you leg and place your high heel on the bed right next to Jungkook.You watched him as your thumb hooked under the thigh high stocking, slowly bringing it down to expose your smooth leg.

He kissed down your cleavage and across your stomach till he met your still clothed leg.Tae and Jimin lounged on the floor in front of him.Jungkook looked up and gave you a sleepy smile while welcoming you home, his chest bulging at the way his body was turned now. You weren’t mad at him, you were mad you weren’t under him.“Out.” You said even more threatening as Tae hesitated to say something to you but instead nodded and followed Jimin out, closing the door behind him.You reached for the lock and looked back to Jungkook who looked at you with worried eyes.“Jagiya, whats wrong?

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W/C: 1554A/N: I haven't made one of these in literally FOREVER (well since I started this blog) and I just felt like it okay? They seemed to push their relationships in your face, and even though you too were in a relationship, it was just the kind you didnt want in the public eye.

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