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The whole complex is surrounded by defensive walls, originally built hastily by Michelangelo during the siege and in 1553 expanded into a true fortress (fortezza) by Cosimo I de' Medici.The walls now enclose a large ornate monumental cemetery, the Porte Sante, laid out in 1854.

It was also designed by Bernardo and Antonio Rosselino, and financed by the Arte della Mercantia of Florence, and the fortified bishop’s palace, built in 1295 and later used as a barracks and a hospital.There is an adjoining Olivetan monastery, seen to the right of the basilica when ascending the stairs.He was denounced as a Christian after becoming a hermit and was brought before the Emperor who was camped outside the gates of Florence.Thus this area is sometimes called the "Celtic homeland". 450 BC up to the Roman conquest), this Celtic culture was supposed to have expanded by trans-cultural diffusion or migration to the British Isles (Insular Celts), France and the Low Countries (Gauls), Bohemia, Poland and much of Central Europe, the Iberian Peninsula (Celtiberians, Celtici, Lusitanians and Gallaeci) and northern Italy (Golasecca culture and Cisalpine Gauls) Continental Celtic languages are attested almost exclusively through inscriptions and place-names.Insular Celtic languages are attested beginning around the 4th century in Ogham inscriptions, although it was clearly being spoken much earlier.

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