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When we arrived, I signed an ominous waiver promising not to ask for a refund no matter the outcome of the event. I was also the only one dressed in a traditional Pakistani the invitation suggested business attire, but my mother insisted, and I deferred to her superior knowledge of arranged-marriage etiquette. One of the organizers kicked the whole thing off by telling us to smile and be nice, even if we weren’t enthusiastic about the person we were chatting with. The crew spent the rest of the time videotaping our backs. ” After an hour of small talk, the women were instructed to sit in a row of plastic chairs while the men settled across from us. She mouthed the words, “I know, I know.” The dating was about to begin. When you’re a kid, you’re taught that Muslims don’t date and that boys and girls should stop forming close bonds with each other after puberty.

She also informed us that a camera crew from Lisa Ling’s , a show on the OWN network, would be filming the event for an upcoming episode. To break the ice, we separated into small groups to discuss a few open-ended prompts like “A man’s job is to bring in the dough. Then you graduate college and your mom says, “Why aren’t you married yet?

I reject guys who are too overweight or short or boring. Still, I’m more studied at the process of co-ed communication than most.Here are some suggestions: 1) What do you do for work? It may reveal the professional status of a person but little about his personality. 16) Which is the one job in the world that you would love to do? 17) Who is your favorite actor/actress/celebrity and why? 19) Which is your favorite genre of movies – comedy/thriller/action? Editor, October 2008: I have disabled the Submit Question feature. Editor, January 2016: This list has been available since 1998!It all starts with the quality of the question that you ask.By leading with a more compelling question, you will learn more about the other person in a shorter amount of time.

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