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Most ICD-9-CM codes also make use of guidelines, or conventions, which help guide the coder to the correct code for the diagnosis.

These conventions may be punctuation or verbal instructions.

The condition of diabetes, for instance, has a number of different manifestations.

Check out the table on Conventions in ICD-9-CM codes in the ebook.

Initially ICD codes were to be updated every ten years, although the difficulty in updating these code sets in a timely manner led officials at the WHO to push this deadline back somewhat.If the patient’s vascular dementia is uncomplicated, you would add the subdivision ‘0’ after 290.4, creating 290.40, for “vascular dementia, uncomplicated.” If, however, the patient suffers from delusions in addition to their dementia, we’d code their condition as 290.42—vascular dementia with delusions. We’ve bolded the category, subcategory, and subclassification we used in this example.“290 – Dementias As you may be able to tell from the example above, many ICD-9-CM codes branch down into more and more specific levels.In other words, ICD codes explain to the insurance payer why the doctor performed a certain procedure.The code that’s currently in use in the United States is the Ninth Revision, Clinical Modification, or ICD-9-CM.

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This note is attached exclusively to manifestation codes.

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