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During and after the pregnancy and birth of our child, however, our sex life went through some drastic changes, and we found ourselves with some sexual issues to work through.

One of these issues was my newfound disinterest in our old wild ways; motherhood had turned my viewpoint on it from fun to irresponsible.

In every couple there is ongoing negotiation as people shift and change their needs.It didn’t work for you, but that doesn’t negate the experiment.That you tried to do this together is where the power is. It isn’t what you do, but rather the fact that the 2 of you are trying to come up with a solution together where the value is.At first he did this secretly, until I found out in a very startling way; I investigated the website that kept appearing in our computer‚s browser history on my phone at work, and was shocked to find a live public video feed of my husband fully aroused.After some obvious conflict over the discovery, we discussed it, and he told me that he missed having our „wild sex life‰ and that this helps fulfill that need.

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The first few years of our relationship, we did some wild things sexually, such as public sex, group sex, voyeurism, etc.

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