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But in my situation at the time, I didn't have enough money to even buy a cup." We're interrupted by the ringing of Maryam's phone.As soon as she puts the receiver to her ear, her dismal mood transforms.Therefore, when Ahmad wanted to come back to me, I accepted.Our relationship was purely physical, and nothing else."My neighborhood was full of drug addicts, and as a single women I was afraid all the time. Both jobs required long hours, but the pay was bad.Eventually, I saw an ad in a newspaper for a rug-weaving class that guaranteed a paying position after the class. "Three months after our divorce, Ahmad decided to reconsider our separation and wanted to get back together, but not as a formal marriage.I am Iranian lover boy and I look for real love long time but I could not find real one. I am tall and handsom but Have no choice to find my love and i still alone unfortunately I am tall and athletic and i play I am a lovely and kind girl, I care about people and I respect them. there is love in this world I am passionate about my dreams, even when I'm nothing yet, I try my best I was born to Iran and grown up this country.

While these measures weakened conjugal bonds of affection, they also served to compensate men who had acquiesced to the rules of the new theocratic state.

He would also give me an allowance after every time we saw each other.

Even though he treated me disrespectfully, I still liked him, and missed him when we weren't together." Without telling her husband, Maryam opened a bank account and saved some of the money he was giving her.

I also didn't have money to pay for tuition for my last semester of school. He stopped showing any interest in us moving into our own home.

In the Iranian culture, when a woman marries, her family must give her a dowry [] in the form of kitchen appliances or furniture to take with her to her new home.

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