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He felt he could better recover from his lengthy and exhausting preaching trips in a rural setting.

Northfield became an important location in evangelical Christian history in the late 19th century as Moody organized summer conferences which were led and attended by prominent Christian preachers and evangelists from around the world.

During his visit to Scotland he was helped and encouraged by Andrew A. The famous London Baptist preacher, Charles Spurgeon, invited him to speak, and he promoted him as well. In 1883 they visited Edinburgh and raised £10,000 for the building of a new home for the Carrubbers Close Mission.

Farwell tried to persuade him to make his permanent home in Chicago, offering to build a new house for Moody and his family.

But the newly famous Moody, also sought by supporters in New York, Philadelphia, and elsewhere, chose the tranquil farm he had purchased next door to his birthplace in Northfield, Massachusetts.

On several occasions he filled stadia of a capacity of 2,000 to 4,000.

In the Botanic Gardens Palace a meeting had an audience between 15,000 and 30,000.

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