Observablecollection not updating datagrid

In the Loop Panel class, I wanted to support both a horizontal and vertical orientation, just as Stack Panel does.

I also decided to use the same basic measuring algorithm as Stack Panel, measuring each child to infinity in the stacking direction (the orientation direction) and measuring it to the panel’s available size in the nonstacking direction.

For example, a Stack Panel arranges its children sequentially, beginning with the first child and stacking subsequent children one right after the other.

Actually, only the whole portion of the Offset value is considered when determining the index of the pivotal child.

This allows for a balanced layout around the pivotal child.

Nonvisible children (those that are outside the panel’s viewport) are then arranged using a layout rect with no size (both width and height are zero).

If you are actually developing for Surface, be sure to check out the , I would highly recommend it as a foundation for this article.

The Loop Panel Sample Application To give you a better understanding of the panel examined within this post, you can run this Click Once Loop Panel sample application.

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