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“You get to decide if you’re interested in someone from the safety and comfort of your home, without someone leering at you,” she says.

” For many women embracing online dating, finding a suitable mate is a matter of a quick trip to the online supermarket.

“There are still a lot of women out there who value the traditional way of dating,” says Lesley, 36, who jumped online out of curiosity.

“They want to meet the good old-fashioned way, face to face, because they feel like they’ll be looked down on otherwise.” Online dating is often seen as the last refuge of the desperate – a declaration that you can’t meet anyone “in the real world” – but a 2011 report by online dating site RSVP found that one in four Australians had logged on looking for love.

“There’s still that view that a guy should approach a girl first,” says Jenny, 43.

But men find dating just as difficult as we do – it’s not just a chick thing to want love at first sight.

Mr Rodney Wayne Williams has been charged for her murder following her Sunday July 12 disappearance Detective Superintendent Hutchinson said people local to those areas of interest should keep alert for anything that may help the investigation.

“The opportunities for who you’ll meet are endless.” So why don’t all of us agree?

Police called off a search of bushland for her body two days ago.You also have to be prepared to take the good with the bad.But isn’t that what you do anyway when you’re hanging around drunk in a bar at 1am?This was the last time friends or family saw Ms Taylor.Tiffany Taylor (pictured), 16, has been missing since July 12 and Rodney Wayne Williams, 60, was charged with her murder on Friday.

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