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Affirmative defenses are those in which the defendant introduces evidence which negates criminal liability.So what all this means is that you are not considered in New York to be legally able to consent to sex.Victims include men and women, but the most vulnerable include widowed or divorced women over 50.Investigators say the true number of victims is as much as 10 times higher as more scams go unreported, likely due to embarrassment.

"Social media is the avenue these people use to access their victims," Assistant U.

If the victim is under 13, and the defendant is at least 18, this constitutes a 1 degree sexual offense.

However, if the defendant is less than 4 years older than the victim, this may constitute an affirmative defense.

I don't really know the rules, and though I'd never every report him to the police or anything like that, we're more worried if my parents found out and they overreacted.

Basically, we want to know if there are any legal issues before we have sex or do we have to wait even more until I'm 17 or 18? Age of Consent in NYThe legal age of consent in New York State is 17 years old.

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