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Both beaches are sandy with shallow waters, marked swimming area, a playground, and boat launch nearby.

The beach at this provincial park is wide, sandy and gently sloped with a swimming areas that deepen faster than Ma-Me-O Beach.

The first Evaluation Cafe was held in Edmonton in April, 2014, and several other events have since been held in Edmonton and Calgary.

The swimming area is perfect for young children, with lots of sand and playgound.Throw me a few ideas, and an idea of if you are interested. we are maybe more aware, because we have lost someone, what real loneliness is.I will update this post regularly for the next 2 weeks if there is any interest shown ;)Sure why not ! Come on fellow POF's - join in and let's get together ! I believe that we need a few groups of various ages, to suit everyone. Well seeing as how im only 25 myself, i was originally aiming for something geared towards 18-30, but any age is welcome, i just might have to change the tune a little bit thats all.Hey there, just throwing this out there for everyone who might be interested.... There is no doubt that it is far more difficult for us to find somebody.If i can get enough interest in a POF meeting in Edmonton, I'll gladly arrange it. We have probably lost someone through being widowed or divorced, and want to start over, or at least form a companionship with someone....

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:)Cappucino Affair on 50th street south of Whitemud Weds nites, Wed nite wing nites Bo Diddleys Millwoods., plenty of activities and meets within the city and for those outside to come in and attend as well.

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