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David’s post helped me grok some of the power of dynamic languages.

It also got me thinking, if Objective-C is a dynamic language, how can I use that power to make my tests better without mucking up my API’s?

Each array has an hour as its first value, and one or more words as subsequent values.If the receiver represents a date/time in the past this will be negative, if it is in the future the returned value will be positive. - (id) init With Time Interval:(NSTime Interval) secs To Be Added since Date:(NSDate *) another Date; 相对于已知的某个时间点 - (id) init With Time Interval Since Now:(NSTime Interval) secs To Be Added; 相对于当前时间 - (id) init With Time Interval Since1970:(NSTime Interval)seconds; 相对于1970年1月1日0时0分0秒 - (id) init With Time Interval Since Reference Date:(NSTime Interval) secs; 相对于2001年1月1日0时0分0秒 ……Say today’s date is what’s shown in the September calendar below.You want the app to calculate and display the date for 45 days from that date, which is the date highlighted in the October calendar.

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Say you wanted to display todays Date like so: Month Date, Year Hour: Minutes: Seconds (AM or PM) you’ll need to used this code: // Create and initialize an NSDate object NSDate *todays Date = [NSDate date]; // Create an NSDate Formatter object NSDate Formatter *date Format = [[NSDate Formatter alloc] init]; // Set the date format [date Format set Date Format:@"MMMM d, yyyy hh:mm:ss a"]; // Create a string for storing the formatted date NSString *todays Date String; // Format todays Date as a string, then assign it to the todays Date String object todays Date String = [date Format string From Date:todays Date]; // Finally, display the formatted date and time in the UIText View control self.output = [@"Today's date is\n" string By Appending String:todays Date String]; I’ve shown you how to get, format, and display today’s date.

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