Non scientific methods of dating

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Psychologists test a hypothesis by using a specific research method, such as naturalistic observation, a case study, a survey, or an experiment.

If the test does not confirm the hypothesis, the psychologist revises or rejects the original theory.

After psychologists do their research and make sure it’s replicable, they develop a theory and translate the theory into a precise hypothesis.

A hypothesis is a testable prediction of what will happen given a certain set of conditions.

When psychologists report what they have found through their research, they also describe in detail how they made their discoveries.

If, contrary to his hypothesis, the blond-haired people make more dates, he’ll have to think about why this occurred and revise his theory and hypothesis.

A theory is an explanation that organizes separate pieces of information in a coherent way.

Researchers generally develop a theory only after they have collected a lot of evidence and made sure their research results can be reproduced by others.

He also observes that in most sophomore couples at least one person has brown hair.

In addition, he notices that most of his brown-haired friends date regularly, but his blond friends don’t date much at all.

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