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This is collectively called Nigerian Romance Scams - one of the various forms of Nigerian scams.A Dating Scam normally involves these steps: Step #1: The scammer posts an attractive photo (such as attractive professional models) and fake profile on a dating website.“I would like to run and play with my kids like being in a swimming pool and being able to get out without help,” she said.

so her instructor punished her with a session of intense oneonone.

Her health issues from being a size 32 make it difficult for her to lead a normal life.

“I do think about it — obviously it’s not healthy for me to have this body frame.

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Bobbi-Jo Westley, 43, of Pennsylvania, has eight-foot hips, weighs 490 pounds and a fan club of men who call themselves “chubby chasers” and can’t get enough of her voluptuous curves.

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