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There are only a few annoying things about the film.

One is the stereotypical wise black woman who seems to be the only other person living in Foster's apartment building.

If this movie had actually been entertaining, I may not have been so bored and left to watch how masculine Foster walks, talks and looks.

Erica Bain has got to have one of the dullest talk shows I have ever heard. That line would only sound interesting coming from a hooker about to tell a story of a sexual encounter.

I've ridden my fair share of elevators and I have to tell you, you've heard one, you've pretty much heard them all.

One of the few things this movie has in common with is its lack of surveillance cameras.

She makes solemn pronouncements (things like 'death is easy, living is hard') and just generally behaves in a way that we've seen from Hollywood films since they started making them.

On the case to solve these vigilante killers is Det. He has problems of his own, but is soon drawn into Erica's world when they speak at the scene of one of her murders, which she explains away by stating her radio credentials.The first, as I mentioned is the fact that just when Erica's mental stability is at its weakest, she witnesses a murder.The other weak plot point involves Mercer hearing the sound of an elevator ding on the telephone and then being able to recognize that same ding the next day when he hears it in person.She briefly uses him to learn what he would look for at a murder site, while he seems genuinely infatuated with her.It is Foster and Howard's performances that really help this movie rise above just a revenge fantasy.

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She is finally driven to buying an illegal handgun as a means to feel safer about herself and to give her the strength to leave her apartment.

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