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But quirky pop duo Karmin has fittingly found its way to the magazine’s rarely utilized back cover (where ads usually run) in a special issue hitting newsstands Friday.

Karmin — which won the “Women Who Rock 2012” readers poll — actually consists of an engaged couple.

"We're still trying to get away from a lot of the stereotypes," Nick said. I think our aspirations are so large." What is it that they want?

Amy, who took some classes in marking at Berklee College of Music, cleverly responded, "We want it all! Dustin: Nick, has Amy done anything romantic for you?

Three years ago Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan, otherwise known as Karmin, developed a following after they began uploading videos on You Tube of them singing the hottest songs on the charts. Dustin: You've called the album harder and more aggressive. Nick: So far I think we've been portrayed as super bubble gum and super happy-go-lucky. Not that we aren't positive and upbeat, but we're adults. We go out and have a couple of drinks here and there or several. Amy: We called the album because when we first got signed it was very happy-go-lucky. We were being told this was what we need to do to be marketable and successful, and we realized it wasn't what we wanted at all. We were trying to re-brand and revision everything and keep our relationship in tact. The song did go gold, which is pretty remarkable for the amount of exposure it got. It's pretty crazy how far it spread without necessarily getting to the top 10 or whatever you want to call it. The website Pop Culture Gay named you one of the sexiest men of 2013.

Soon after, their single "Brokenhearted" went Top 20, and it seemed there was no stopping Karmin. Dustin: Since you're always together, how do you keep the relationship fresh? We try to have as much communication with each other as possible and be as real with each other as possible. Amy: It is a blessing to have somebody to talk to, but it can become overwhelming when you're constantly together.

We wanted to let everything take its natural course.

Every band aspires to make the cover of Rolling Stone.

During a nine-hour journey on their tour bus from Billings, Mont.

to Seattle, the partners in both life and music revealed some secrets about their relationship, discussed their music and teased about Nick going shirtless.

Dustin Fitzharris: I'm sure you're sick of this question, but I have to ask -- are you two ever going to get married?

While Amy has been going by the moniker on social media for some time, she just revealed that she will be releasing her first EP this week.

“It’s gonna be a good summer, @qveenherby EP 1 drops Friday,” she tweeted from Karmin‘s account.

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“It’s a female-led band,” explains 26-year-old Nick Noonan, referring to singer Amy Heidemann.

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