Nice guys freaks and creeps a dating memoir

Astronaut Mark Watney has to use science in more life threatening situations that didn’t make it into the movie.While the book is very similar to the movie, including a lot of the dialogue, there are differences and additional details that keep it interesting. It recently won the PEN/Bingham Award for Debut Fiction.Lev Nussimbaum was born in 1905 into a family of Jewish oil well owners in Baku, then part of Russian Azerbaijan.

This first novel from a Vietnamese-American professor in California is narrated by a Viet Cong mole sent to the U. with the fleeing South Vietnamese general who had been his commander in Vietnam, to keep track of the former South Vietnamese who maintain their hostility to the new Vietnam. For those interested in South Asia, a fascinating blend of family and national history. Full disclosure: Bill Tucker was my roommate at Bates, and we have been good friends since 1965.Once you find out his secret (about one-third of the way in) you do not want to put this book down! It takes a sweet look at a pitcher’s final weekend of major league baseball, capturing the rapid, head-spinning shift in identity that a great athlete must navigate, amidst great outside pressures, in trying to decide if now, or next year, is the right time.Interesting, believable characters, great dialogue, and a wonderful reminder about how issues of right and wrong are not so black and white. by Ilija Trojanow is the story of a glaciologist whose world comes undone when his beloved alpine glacier dies.Desperate for a change, he retreats to the Antarctic, where he helps to explain ice to privileged cruise passengers.But Zeno is not quite up to handling what he believes to be simply disaster tourism. The novel alternates Zeno’s diary with fragments from different discourses, whose blended voices act as a Greek chorus offering commentary on the novel’s action.

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The crime-solver is usually an educated woman who is an amateur sleuth. These two books chronicle the hiking journeys of their authors, one on the west coast (Pacific Crest Trail) and the other on the east coast (Appalachian Trail).

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