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What’s great about our chatline number is that you will only need to log in to your computer and start to find a mate.

The quick speed of meeting a person in a glimpse is what makes the potential connection happens.

Meet Dan, Rilene and Paul, all refugees from deep enmeshment in the LGBT life, each finding a home in sexual sobriety and, not incidentally, the Catholic Church.

It is impossible to watch this important documentary without tears, and not sad tears either, but happy ones, tears that come from a joyful movement of the spirit.

Once in Rome he read in his gay travel guide that the Coliseum was the place to pick up strangers though his plans were foiled because it was Good Friday and John Paul II was there leading an enormous crowd in the Stations of the Cross.

His libido was stilled but only for a few hours and he went cruising someplace else.

The chat line offers thousands of users with lots of pre qualifications that suit your requirements.

It’s an opportunity for you to meet hot male users online and get to know them better by chatting with the simplicity of your smartphone.

Courage is the Church-approved movement of same-sex attracted men and women who have decided to step away from that life and to reengage with who they really are and were meant to be.

The readers of these pages and the pages of will recognize one of them—Dan Mattson—from his jousting with the group we call The New Homophiles.

The best way to get new connections with similar interests is through an online chat.

Free Phone Chatlines provides gay chat lines for you to explore.

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