Netapp updating drive firmware

Some firmware images are so large, that the disk cannot keep both copies resident.

If the upgrade aborts, your disk has no firmware left to run.

Sometimes Seagate makes changes to default and factory mode pages between firmware revisions.

You can decrease the risk by flashing the image in a temporary mode (see example).

Just because SMARTMon-UX returned to the O/S prompt, does not mean that the disk has completed the upgrade.

As many Seagate disk drives only have enough room for one firmware image, a failure means your disk will lose the firmware it currently has.If the disk doesn't already report itself as a EMC disk, for example, then the update will fail. Firmware (particularly Seagate firmware) is not in the public domain and is not normally posted online.We are not allowed, due to contractual limitations, to send firmware to anybody.The temporary flashed disk will revert to the original firmware release after a power cycle.Skilled system administrators, disk subsystem manufacturers, resellers, OEMs, and VARs use this software, and are typically privy to disk firmware images and release notes that cover specifics of a new firmware image.

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