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'Timing is everything in duck calling,' Zink explains.

'I have hunted with a lot of guys who were excellent callers in their ability to sound like ducks, but they didn't really have a grasp on when to call.

'As long as ducks are circling my decoy spread and are flying steadily and making the turns as they should, I don't blow my duck call.

But as soon as they get indecisive, I'll hit them immediately with one or two five- to seven-note greeting calls.

Therefore, many hunters might be surprised to learn that Zink believes the most common mistake that separates good callers from average or bad callers is calling too much.

But other times, especially in bluebird weather, their same calling efforts are met with indifference or, even worse, hasten the departure of working flocks.I've also hunted with guys whose calling didn't sound all that good, but they knew when to call and were much more effective hunters.' The key to effective calling, according to Zink, is to read and understand the body language of ducks while they are working.'I keep my duck call to my lips at all times so I can call at the exact moment that ducks get confused or start to hesitate,' he says.'For example, when ducks are circling downwind, I try to call at the moment that will turn them in a position that will give the birds a straight and easy approach to the decoys.You don't want to call and turn ducks at a time that will make them have to work harder to line up for landing.' Haydel believes that not all ducks are callable, especially late in the season. 'When ducks are turning well to your call but have been circling several times without committing to your decoys, try giving them a greeting call as they circle behind you upwind,' he says.

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