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It’s not a question of rather that is right or wrong. Job interviews, dates, coworkers, waiters, etc., all will deal with you according to the type of presence you have in the situation.

Savvy marketers have used this truth to sell products with the “status symbol” and “dress to impress” theories.

We analyze your “visual resume” to form an opinion of you within about 3 seconds of first meeting.

Everything you say and do from this point is judged on the basis of that 3-second opinion. If you can’t deal with that fact, you will most likely spend the rest of your life locked in your house watching daytime television.

You know him when you see him - he's the guy everyone notices when he takes his first three steps into a room. Is it witchcraft, or perhaps just a combination of simple body language tricks you yourself can master. When your boss assigns a team project everyone seems to subconsciously recognize him as the leader no matter what he does. Our highly developed brains are directed by the same instincts that guided the Cro-Magnon.

At the bar after work, he barely makes it through half of his first drink before the girl grade kickball, too. A confident, powerful presence becomes the “big club” of the modern day caveman. The world is simply a reflection of the energy we put out from within.

You don’t walk around with a resume taped to your chest announcing your finer points to the world.

Presenting yourself in this way draws people in to trust you and view you as an authority on what it is you’re discussing.

Most people are uncomfortable with direct eye contact and if you master this ability you will develop a powerful presence.

When you make direct eye contact while listening, you show a respect, interest, and concern that people appreciate.

The reason is that a tall, erect posture displays self-confidence, which allows others to be confident in you.

Information received from a slouched, downward-looking presenter is automatically assumed to be incorrect.

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