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The Mongols has had political and economic effects on China and Russia such as increasing their activity in trades, taxation system imposed upon both regions, and being ruled with different ruling systems that has affected these regions throughout history.

A huge economic impact the Mongols had on the region of China and Russia was that they greatly encouraged trade which led to importance of trade in China and Russia to greatly increase.

This is evident in regions such as China and Russia.

On top of the canteens and cafes serving Mongolian food, there are now many restaurants, canteens, bakeries and tea shops which serve meals from Russia, Italy, India, China, Japan, Korea, England, France, Senegal and Turkey. Both were dining in the Seoul restaurant, and are happy they can go out for food: “it is a very good thing that there are opening a lot of restaurants where friends and family can go and enjoy food in comfort.”Isobe Hiroshi, manager of Seketei, a high-end Japanese restaurant, told me “only 20 per cent of our customers are Mongolians.

But I hope we will welcome more and more Mongolians in the future.” The traditional diet in the cities is more changed, more european.

And with comes its own dangers for Mongolians says the Nutrition Centre’s Baljmaa:“There is a big problem of importing poisonous foods and food which probably will cause the nutrition-related diseases common in more developed countries,” she continues.”While the trend around the world amongst health-conscious people is towards natural products for their food, some Mongolians use some food which can cause troubles for their health.

But it is not long before a visitor finds their favourite Mongolian food, be it buuz, khuushur or a number of other treats.

A Canadian living in Ulaanbaatar once told me, “the Mongolian national food contains a lot of meat, but I like the buuz.”The meat-dependent diet arises from the need for hearty food to stave off the cold and long winters.

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