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She had a cunt that felt like it was made of velvet when you first put it in, and then turned into butter once she opened up so I could really put the wood to her.She was still learning how to suck, but she loved to swallow.Mom's Mistake Even though she's my mom, the bitch deserved everything that happened to her and more.Things were fine as long as I fucked her regularly every morning, again when I got home from school and finally at bedtime so she could sleep well, at least that's what she claimed.Not only was I good at it, I liked to go down on women, no matter if they were shaved smooth or had a a patch as wild and untamed as a jungle.

Mom ate pussy and sucked cock almost continuusly for nearly ten hours.

Propped up in the corner was a fishing rod, the kind designed for catching trout, long and extremely flexible.

I could imagine what kind of damage that could do to flesh and for the next few hours we used it to make sure that no part of mom's naked body missed being cut by this vicious weapon.

Well one thing led to another and mom finally decreed that Honey was off limits to me until I learned that she came first when it came to fucking.

That did not sit well with either Honey or me and so we hatched a plan to make mom change her mind. With some help from a few friends, both male and female, we kidnapped mom and got her out to a very secluded mountain cabin where we proceeded to show her the error of her ways.

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