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Holland, who was born in Bromley, London, leapt to the defence of his company and said the accident was Clark’s own fault.Holland and Oakes were charged in March last year and stood trial in May in a case brought by the police and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), after two years on bail.Following his appearance on the show, he told Sussex Life about the emotional impact of meeting parents who'd named a charity after their dead daughter, after his own son, Brian, had died aged 13.Cherrywood Investments, now known as Threadneedle Estates, which is owned by Holland, was fined £120,000.On emerging from the coma, doctors said he would have to learn basic life skills again.Ms Clark described watching him slowly die as an experience she would not wish on her worst enemy.He was moved to the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton where he died just under a month later.

Known as the saviour of Brighton for his developing in the seaside town, he appeared on the reality show in 2012 helping at a charity called FLAG (Family Links Around Grimsby).

In addition, Holland was handed a five-month concurrent sentence after admitting failing to discharge his duty under health and safety laws, for which his company also accepted culpability.

Oakes was also handed an eight month concurrent sentence after being found guilty of the same offence.

Stu, who divorced wife Rachel in 2013, has previously been linked to Sophie Falkiner, Stephanie Rice and Laura Csortan.

He told the Wentworth Courier earlier this year that his divorce sent him on a dating spree.'All my friends wanted me to hook up with someone.

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