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ISO 8601 has been adopted as British Standard BS ISO 8604, and is popular in specialist use (for example, use-by dates on medical products) and computer applications (including database systems, communication protocols and web pages).

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Midgets have always been popular entertainers, but were often regarded with disgust and revulsion in society.

such as a midget cell, a midget crabapple, MG's Midget, Daihatsu's Midget, and the Midget Mustang airplane; or to anything that regularly uses anything that is smaller than normal (other than a person), such as midget car racing and quarter midget racing; or a smaller version of play or participation, such as midget golf; or to anything designed for very young (i.e., small) participants—in many cases children—such as Disneyland's Midget Autopia, Midget hockey, and Midget football.

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Writing the day of the month as an ordinal number (for example "31st December") is also very common – and since the advent of automatic correction in word processors, the ordinal indicator has been lifted into superscript (for example "31 December") in typed documents, to match the handwritten style.

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