Microsoft forefront endpoint protection not updating

This type of software can collect information about you and your computer without your knowledge or consent.

To help protect your privacy and your computer, you should run Windows Defender or Endpoint Protection at all times.

Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection manages Windows Defender on Windows 10.

It can also deploy and manage the Endpoint Protection client to computers before Windows 10.

The following information can help you decide what to do if Windows Defender detects potentially unwanted software on your computer.

Depending on the alert level, you can choose one of the following actions to apply to the detected item: Computer viruses are software programs deliberately designed to interfere with computer operation, to record, corrupt, or delete data, or to infect other computers throughout the Internet.

The content here might not apply to other antimalware software.You can now choose which action to apply to the item, or click Clean computer.If you need help determining which action to apply to the detected item, use the alert level that Windows Defender assigned to the item as your guide (for more information see, Understanding alert levels).To view the version of Windows Defender running on your computer, open Windows Defender (click Start and then search for Windows Defender), click Settings, and scroll to the bottom of the Windows Defender settings to find Version info.If Windows Defender detects malicious software or potentially unwanted software on your computer (either when monitoring your computer using real-time protection or after running a scan), it notifies you about the detected item by displaying a notification message in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

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