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Anne Kass, former district judge, Division XVII, Albuquerque, New Mexico, divorce cases in which one spouse has become involved with someone else tend to be “horribly acrimonious and expensive because there is very little that can turn a divorce case into a thermonuclear war quite like the involvement of one spouse with a new companion.”[11] Not only will the offending spouse be scrutinized, but so will his or her paramour.[12] Written discovery, depositions, subpoenas, restraining orders and motion hearings can all become part of an otherwise uneventful lawsuit, driving up not just the temperature but the legal fees as well.

The other spouse may knowingly or subconsciously take steps to alienate the children, relatives and friends against the offending spouse.

It may affect their preference during custody proceedings, as well as the judge’s.

Moreover, once the lawsuit is concluded, the aftermath can be long-lasting.

Adultery is not defined within the Tennessee Code but is widely accepted by the judiciary to mean sexual intercourse between a married person and a third party other than one’s spouse.

An emotional affair, while not technically adultery, can still be considered inappropriate marital conduct, the catch-all fault ground for divorce in our state.

Furthermore, the children will tend not to accept the new love interest even though they might have done so had their parent waited until after the divorce to start dating.[13] Seeing someone new while still legally married may be confusing for the children.If your client is under the impression that merely dating or keeping company with someone is acceptable because his or her spouse will be hard-pressed to prove that actual sex has taken place, he or she is wrong.In this state it has long been held that it is unnecessary to have direct evidence of illicit intercourse and that adultery can be proven rather by a mere preponderance of circumstantial evidence.[1] Adultery or otherwise inappropriate marital conduct committed after separation is indeed a ground for divorce.It is also not unheard of for a judge to remove custody from the de facto primary caregiver who has made the fatal mistake of taking his or her children around a paramour before the divorce is final.Infidelity can also affect the extent of an alternate residential parent’s[9] parenting time with a child.[10] In the words of The Hon.

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In making this determination, the court naturally focuses on the parents’ past conduct, during the course of the marriage.

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