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Furthermore, the law formally recognizes ten separate sects of Christianity: the Roman, Armenian, Maronite, Greek, Syriac, and Chaldean Catholic Churches; the Eastern Orthodox Greek Orthodox Church; the Oriental Orthodox, Syriac Orthodox Church; the Armenian Apostolic Church; and Anglicanism.

According to The Israel Democracy Institute, as of 2013, approximately 8 percent of Israel’s Jewish population "identified" with Reform and Conservative Judaism, a study by Pew Research Center showed 5% did, while a Midgam survey showed that one third "especially identified with Progressive Judaism", almost as many as those who especially identify with Orthodox Judaism.

The religious status quo, agreed to by David Ben-Gurion with the Orthodox parties at the time of Israel's formation in 1948, is an agreement on the role that Judaism would play in Israel's government and the judicial system.

The agreement was based upon a letter sent by Ben-Gurion to Agudat Israel dated 19 June 1947.

Legal accommodation of the non-Jewish communities follows the pattern and practice of the Ottoman and British administrations with some important modifications.

Israeli law officially recognizes five religions, all belonging to the Abrahamic family of religions: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Druzeism, and the Bahá'í Faith.

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