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Luckily, Perth singles are spoit for choice when it comes to date ideas - good places to eat, places to drink and places to dance the night away.Consider what would be interesting for your date and try to ensure that the venue is intimate but also relaxing.— but because it marks the Westray Disaster in May of that year, when 26 miners were killed in the newest colliery of the Pictou coalfield.Westray is an indelible reminder of the human costs which have always accompanied resource development and exploitation in this province.The main themes are presented in three virtual exhibits: An 'Historical Timeline, 1604-1992' accompanies the three exhibits, and provides a chronological framework for the discovery and development of the province's mining resources.Most events described in the time-line can be related directly to images featured in the exhibits.What does this mean for Perth singles looking for love? The good news is that there's plenty of great singles out there - the bad news is that it's ironically hard to find them in the chaos of modern day life. Back in the day 'matchmaking' may have involved a friend setting you up on a blind date and hoping for the best.That's why Elite Singles was founded - to connect Perth singles that are serious about finding love and long-lasting happiness. Thanks to online dating, matchmaking is now in your hands - where you have the option to outline your partner requirements and the freedom to choose who you're interested in!

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In spite of floods, explosions, disasters, strikes, lock-outs and the relentless cycle of economic boom-and-bust, Nova Scotia's mines, quarries and offshore resources have been, and continue to be, integral to the province's economic development and prosperity.

They provide employment for thousands of men and women; and countless other industries, both domestic and foreign, are in turn dependent on the raw products which they yield.

Eleven hundred images only begin to tell the story and tap into the information that is available.

The 'Resource Guide' which completes 'Men in the Mines' is an attempt to address some of the obvious gaps in this Website; and to suggest the wealth of primary and secondary sources that exist for exploring the subject further.

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'Men in the Mines' has been created to open a door into the past, so that Nova Scotians today can look back on the history of how our mines were discovered and developed; and can better understand how the province has been shaped and defined by the traditions of the mining life, its daily challenges and tragedies, and by the unshakeable sense of community which binds together all who dare to go down into the earth for their livelihood.

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