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Men are saying, 'We want to chat.' The women wanted to meet quicker." Women were also more forward when it came to asking for pictures — even intimate ones.

She thinks this is because being online makes women feel liberated from worrying about their reputations, which can stymy them sexually in real life encounters.

Since the Ashley Madison hack, when thousands of email addresses and usernames were leaked, interest in the service has been at an all-time high.

What motivates people to seek infidelity online, and what happens when those people are found out?

Find black men, white men, latino males, and asian men in Staten Island NY.

Here are five surprising misconceptions Wasserman's research totally busted.It feels, for you, completely comfortable and safe [to cheat online]." While many Ashley Madison users are content to keep things online-only, there's a darker flipside to that: many of them strongly believe that since they're not having traditional sex, their cyber relationships don't count as infidelity.As a therapist, Wasserman has had many couples come into her office and disagree on whether infidelity has occurred after one party had a cyber relationship.Wasserman was surprised to see that many people saw nothing wrong with their online relationships and felt zero guilt about having them. "This was uniquely different from real-life infidelity.The reason is cyber infidelity is so different from real-life infidelity." Keeping things online also muddies the waters.

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People who find new partners online are "enjoying the process" of talking to these strangers.

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