Mandating child life services

Students learn to advocate for children and their families, prepare children for medical procedures, teach children and their families about their illness, minimize stress and anxiety for children and their families, create opportunities that strengthen self-esteem and independence, provide non-pharmacological techniques to comfort children, and provide normal life experiences that promote optimal growth and development.

Learning side by side with students who are new to the field, the Advanced Standing option will allow existing practitioners to delve into the research that supports much of their practice.

All applicants must have a dedicated computer or tablet and Internet access.

In addition, you'll need to be set up with specific technical requirements.

Related Resource: Healthcare Lobbyist Overall, child life specialists are specially trained pediatric healthcare professionals who devote their career to working with children in various clinical settings to help them cope with life’s most challenging events.

When you follow these steps to become a child life specialist, you will be armed with a strong background in child development to help promote effective coping with play, education, and self-expression activities for children throughout their medical treatment.

This combination of theory and practice, serves as an excellent foundation for child life specialists who work with children, youth and families.The first step towards being a child life specialist is to earn a four-year undergraduate degree from an accredited post-secondary institution.While there are some universities in the United States that offer baccalaureate-level degrees specifically in child life, there are a number of acceptable majors, including child and family studies, psychology, early childhood education, child development, family psychology, social work, and recreational therapy.Practitioners will examine their own beliefs, and will be able to share their expertise, experience, problem-solving and supervisory skills with more novice students.Through the program, all students will enrich their understanding of medical issues and developmentally appropriate techniques that they will be apply to their own work place.

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Have you received the calling to become a child life specialist to work daily with children who are suffering from a wide variety of serious medical conditions and illnesses?

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