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Doodle on your photos or a blank canvas ★ Shared lists for everything from weekly groceries to new date ideas ★ Shared calendar to schedule appointments, vacations, and more ★ Hugs & Kisses that can be sent to your boo, making their day ★ Advanced data encryption and security features ★ Complete archive of your relationship for walks down memory lane How to get it: Avocado is a Free i Phone and Android app.

You can download it at [symple_divider style=”dotted” margin_top=”20px” margin_bottom=”20px”] Developed by VCNC, Between is a beautiful app that allows couples to connect with one another privately and simply with just their phones.

Three of the five men who helped create Pair are in long-distance relationships, but Kostour says that any pair of close friends could use the app to stay in touch throughout the day.

Eventually, the startup plans to sell premium games or other activities they can use in the app.

★ Send Secrets: photos that disappear after a fixed time!

"We thought, if we’re so disconnected, how can we use our mobile devices to feel a little bit closer, to feel like we can touch each other? The app includes a feature called "thumb kiss" that vibrates when both parties touch the same spot on the screen.

Couples can also co-create drawings, maintain a joint to-do list and send a "thinking of you" message that works like a more thoughtful Facebook poke. Instead of sharing personal updates within a small network, it's a way to stay constantly connected with the smallest of networks — one other person.

Couple keeps all your special moments saved privately in one place and connects you to only the most important person in your life for the most private messaging experience.

Perfect for both long distance relationships and couples in the same city All Features: ★ Private timeline to build a shared history & remember all your special moments ★ Real-time messaging and share videos, voice messages, and photo filters to express yourself ★ Express your moods & emotions with a variety of fun sticker packs.

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  1. Not that long ago, the first steps in the dating game went something like this: meeting, (usually the guy) getting a phone number, (usually the girl) waiting for the phone call, first date, waiting for another phone call, second date, etc.