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While this is all Henderson has released so far, we have a feeling this is not the last time we will be hearing about him."I've been in the studio​,​ up late​,​ getting weird working on my next releases and an album," he said.Later, they both realize that Sam's aunt Cristal is Steven's new stepmother. Mc Kenzie Mary-Louise Parker Emily Skeggs Rachel Griffiths Fiona Dourif Michael K.Williams Jonathan Majors Tyler Young Charlie Carver Whoopi Goldberg Rosie O'Donnell Maddie Corman Caitlin Gerard Ivory Aquino Nick Eversman Michael De Lorenzo Jazzmun Cotton Brown is the transgender daughter of Carlota Brown (played by Queen Latifah).Logan Henderson was formerly known as being a part of the boyband, Big Time Rush.But now, the 27-year-old singer/songwriter is making moves on his own, and he just released his first solo video for his single "Sleepwalker." Now that he is on his own making music, he has matured as a person and an artist and his new sound certaintly reflects that.Starting off from a small time show ‘Friday Night Lights’, Logan made a move to California to test himself in the waters of Hollywood, and got the acting job as the leading character named Logan Mitchell in ‘Big Time Rush’, which resonated with people, especially kids.He rose to become a teen icon and other stints followed such as the job as a lead singer of the band named after ‘Big Time Rush’.

Non-binary and pansexual characters are also included. Wendy Carr, a psychologist at a Boston university, is a closeted lesbian in a relationship with Dr.

Another of his bandmates James Maslow was dating actress Halston Sage The fact that his two bandmates were in relationships made Logan want to start dating but his fellow bandmate Kendall Schmidt was also single so at least Logan wasn't alone there.

Like Logan, Kendall was also single but what made him different to Logan was that Kendall actually wanted a girlfriend Logan said he would only start dating if he was ready for love.

I'm going to find love when I'm ready, not when I'm dragged out kicking and screaming." It is believed that you find love when you least expect it and that was what had happened to Logan What are your first impressions of Logan and the boys from Big Time Rush?

Melody, the female lead is introduced in the next chapter.

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Logan Phillip Henderson is an American actor and singer who came into limelight with Nickelodeon’s kid series ‘Big Time Rush’ and his stint as a singer for the band named after the show.

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