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Whether he gets into paradise will depend on the difference between them. “We make love: we kiss each other on the mouth; we touch each other, but there’s a line we don’t cross. After that, we go on talking by phone.”Like all his friends, Noureddin has more than one mobile phone: one for his parents, one for Sarah (with unlimited calls from midnight to 6am) — and one for other girls. ” By “dribbling” he means juggling several girls he has met online (on Facebook or Skype), whose phone numbers he has got from friends or who he has (discreetly) chatted up in the street.“I pray at the mosque five times a day, because you get 27 times more points than for praying at home.” Rabah has had three girlfriends. “With these girls, it’s just for sex.” By “sex” he means finding a quiet spot where they can kiss, pet and perhaps, if she agrees, go as far as anal intercourse, but never vaginal penetration. And anyway, I want to keep myself clean for Sarah on our wedding night.”‘You have to lie to everyone’Amira, 30, is a native of Algiers.The testimony I have collected in 15 towns and cities (including Algiers, Oran, Annaba, Bejaia, Tizi Ouzou, Ouargla and Chelf) agrees, without significant regional variation, with the views of the researchers and professionals I have spoken to.“Most young Algerians regard female virginity as sacrosanct,” says Djelloul Hammouda, a doctor in Oran.He is 23, and like most young men his age whom I have interviewed about their sexuality, he mentions religion in the first five minutes. As far as I’m concerned, she’s just a tart now.” Premarital sex is “completely unthinkable” (it is a sin in the eyes of Allah), but he does admit to masturbating every day:“I know it’s than if a girl touches you.”Lines that won’t be crossed Rabah may not be telling the whole truth, but he can tell a foreign journalist things he couldn’t admit to a fellow Algerian without being judged, and what he says agrees more or less a with the testimony of the 50 or so other young people I have interviewed. In fact, we spend most of our time just walking and talking.

(Photo AFP/File) RABAH, a Chaoui Berber from Tiffelfel in the heart of the Aures mountains, has just completed the final year of his masters’ course in mathematics at the University of Batna. We split up a year ago, and I heard that she had a new boyfriend and had kissed him on the mouth.

“I own a flat, but I can’t live there,” says Khadija, 43, a journalist from a good family in Annaba.

“Because I am not married, everyone would automatically assume that I had lots of male visitors, and my family would be shamed.”Young Algerians find it hard to manage their sexuality when marriage is such a distant prospect.

“Because, apart from sex, they have everything,” says Kamel Daoud of the . Every town needs a swimming pool, a library, a sports ground, a cinema, a theatre, but there’s absolutely nothing.”Keltouma Aguis is studying for a doctorate in anthropology at the National Centre for Research in Social and Cultural Anthropology in Oran.

“Their parents give them a roof over their heads and three meals a day, and they get oil money from the government. (She doesn’t want to name her thesis supervisor, as it might harm her reputation.) While studying a peripheral subject, prostitution, Aguis became interested in the sex lives of young people: “Young Algerians face three obstacles to a normal sex life: religion, customs and the penal code, which all say the same thing.

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