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Guest stars: Kelsey Grammer as Sideshow Bob and Chris Wedge as Scrat Lisa becomes friends with a rich girl named Harper, whose father becomes friends with Homer, but Lisa becomes concerned that Harper is a little too entitled.Guest stars: Kristen Bell as Harper and David Copperfield Homer loses ,000 that he doesn't have in a poker bet, and is forced to loan Lisa out to Broadway star Laney Fontaine to pay back his debt.Meanwhile, when Maggie makes some new animal friends, she must go on a rescue mission when one of them is taken by Cletus.Guest stars: Jon Lovitz as Cigarette and Yo-Yo Ma as himself Angry Halloween decoration salesmen invade the Simpson household after Homer takes down his Everscream Terrors decorations to avoid scaring Lisa.Guest star: George Takei as himself Lisa and Marge are having problems, so they take a weekend trip to Capital City to attend a performance of Bad News Bears: The Musical.Meanwhile, Bart teams up with Maggie to trick people, after he becomes frustrated that everyone expects his pranks.

Meanwhile, Marge makes a little extra money cleaning up crime scenes. Meanwhile, Milhouse competes against a new boy for the lead role in a school production of Casablanca, so he can act alongside his own unrequited love, Lisa.Meanwhile, Lisa creates an app that can predict the effect any post on social media will have. Berrera Sanjay's son Jay takes over the Kwik-E-Mart, but Apu is displeased when he turns it into a food market.Guest stars: Stephen Merchant as Conrad and Kaitlin Olson as Quinn Bart experiences early puberty after drinking a milk substitute filled with bad hormones, and ends up competing with Skinner for the affections of his new teacher, Mrs. Meanwhile, Bart attempts to prank the new store, despite the fact that he told Homer he wouldn't prank anymore.While in the asylum, she and Bart find a sociopath's notebook, causing Bart to take the notebook home and pretend to be the sociopath that wrote it.When Homer loses his job due to Marge's social media post, he begins working as a dishwasher at a Greek restaurant.

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The season premiere deals with Homer being diagnosed with narcolepsy, his breaking up with Marge, and falling for a pharmacist.

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