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Although many lightworkers are gentle and loving in nature, they have often been chosen for their mission by angels because of their special braveness for what can sometimes be a difficult task at hand.Lightworkers can see through the dark and know what needs to be changed. Once they have awakened, they often become fearless for the light and work tirelessly.They are usually giving in nature, empathic, and like to help others or better themselves and the world. Some may be religious but many are not affiliated with any earthly form of religion, preferring to follow their own faith in the divine.To serve Creator as a lightworker does not mean to adhere to any religion.Lightworkers acknowledge God and all of God's kingdoms, including angels, and merely work with them to the best of their own ability.All lightworkers serve Love, which comes naturally to them.

Some people awaken to the possibility of extraterrestrial phenomena and it soon leads them to a more spiritual place.

Those who work in service to the divine who are the helpers of angels are more humble in general and do not seek to show off their work.

They are the unsung heros, most of them, and you will never hear about their good deeds in the media.

They have come to understand that harmony is the only way forward that works, and they act to be vessels of Love before all else.

They hold themselves to high standards, like those of the angels and masters, knowing that any of us can be as the angels are and radiate pure love and healing. The lightworkers endlessly strive to heal their stuff, thus uplifting the planet and all on it.

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