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As a college student my to-do lists are never in the same place.Typically my important reminders are scribbled in my Biochemistry notebook, my planner (after I search for it for the hundredth time that week), and let’s be honest sometimes my body becomes a jotting place as well.

He then gave her a rose, meaning she had “won” the group date, and was guaranteed not to be sent home the following night. And then they had sex—or at least, that is the only way to make sense of what followed, even though hewed to its strict policy of never being explicit, as if language alone can make the show demure. “I knew when we were in the ocean, that it was a mutual feeling.It’s time to drop the useless methods and discover the lovely world of points as your main organizational tool.In this one journal you can keep all of your hourly, daily, monthly and yearly task in one place, along with important things not to forget.Clare did exactly what the show and Juan Pablo purport to want the women on the show to do: to be themselves, to do what they would do if the cameras weren’t there, to try and have genuine interactions with the titular bachelor.But because she ran afoul of the show’s selectively Victorian sensibility and did not leave decisions about when to have sex on television to the show or Juan Pablo, she basically got slut-shamed by both.

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